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Fig. 1

From: Triple A patient cells suffering from mitotic defects fail to localize PGRMC1 to mitotic kinetochore fibers

Fig. 1

Cellular proliferation is impaired upon over-expression of ALADIN, PGRMC1 or PGRMC2. Equal cell numbers of a wild-type NCI-H295R1-TR, scrambled shRNA and AAAS shRNA (AAAS knock-down) expressing NCI-H295R1-TR cells and of b wild-type NCI-H295R, GFP, GFP-ALADIN, PGRMC2-GFP and GFP-PGRMC1 expressing NCI-H295R cells were seeded 48 h before confluence measurement using live cell imaging on IncuCyte Zoom (Essen BioScience). In case of transient transfection with PGRMC2-GFP and GFP-PGRMC1 the proliferation of fluorescent cells which starts at cell density of about zero was measured. Growth curve analysis and growth constant k (slope of regression curve) calculation was done using multilevel regression technique using R Studio [58, 59]

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