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Fig. 3 | Cell Division

Fig. 3

From: Triple A patient cells suffering from mitotic defects fail to localize PGRMC1 to mitotic kinetochore fibers

Fig. 3

Loss of ALADIN mis-localizes PGRMC1 and Aurora kinase A during mitosis. a Human adrenocortical NCI-H295R GFP and GFP-ALADIN over-expressing cells, NCI-H295R1-TR scrambled shRNA and AAAS shRNA (AAAS knock-down) cells and human skin fibroblasts of healthy wild-type donors and triple A syndrome patients were stained with anti-PGRMC1 (red for NCI-H295R GFP and GFP-ALADIN over-expressing cells and green for all other cells), anti-Aurora kinase A (AURKA) (red) and DAPI (blue). The different mutations in the human ALADIN protein are denoted as IVS14, S263P and W295X. Scale bars 5 µm, but for NCI-H295R GFP over-expressing cells: 10 µm. b Schematic drawing of the immunofluorescence staining of PGRMC1 and Aurora kinase A in a

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