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Fig. 3 | Cell Division

Fig. 3

From: Reactivation of TAp73 tumor suppressor by protoporphyrin IX, a metabolite of aminolevulinic acid, induces apoptosis in TP53-deficient cancer cells

Fig. 3

TAp73 knockdown protects cancer cells from PpIX-induced cell death. a TAp73 knockdown with siRNA in H1299 cells as confirmed by qPCR. mRNA levels of TAp73 are not affected by 2.5 μg/ml PpIX. b TAp73 knockdown protects from PpIX-induced growth inhibition in H1299 cells. c, d Ablation of TAp73 protects from induction of proapoptotic target Noxa by PpIX on mRNA (c) and protein levels (d)

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