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Fig. 4 | Cell Division

Fig. 4

From: Reactivation of TAp73 tumor suppressor by protoporphyrin IX, a metabolite of aminolevulinic acid, induces apoptosis in TP53-deficient cancer cells

Fig. 4

PpIX ablates TAp73/MDM2, TAp73/MDMX and TAp73/Itch complexes. a PpIX rescues transcription activity of TAp73 thorough ablation of TAp73/MDM2 and TAp73/MDM4 interactions as assessed by yeast-based reporter system. The t-student test was performed for statistical analysis with p ≤ 0.05. * Samples are considered statistically significant. b, c Disruption of TAp73/MDM2 (b) and TAp73/MDMX and TAp73/Itch (c) binding by PpIX is shown in co-immunoprecipitation experiment in HCT 116 p53−/− cells. Uncropped blots are presented in Additional file 5: Figure S5a and S5b. N Nutlin. d Chase experiment demonstrates stabilization of TAp73 by 1 µg/ml PpIX in H1299. NT non treated control. e TAp73/Itch interaction is inhibited by PpIX in H1299 by 1 µg/ml PpIX. The uncropped blots are shown in Additional file 6: Figure S6a

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