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Fig. 2 | Cell Division

Fig. 2

From: Replication stress-induced Exo1 phosphorylation is mediated by Rad53/Pph3 and Exo1 nuclear localization is controlled by 14-3-3 proteins

Fig. 2

a Wild type, pph3Δ and glc7::E101Q strains were synchronized with HU (150 mM, 90 min) and released in YPD for the indicated times. Equal amounts of proteins were resolved as in Fig. 1. To improve the resolution of protein bands, one additional hour of separation was allowed after the die front reached the end of the slab gel. Proteins of interest were detected by immunoblot (IB). b Flow cytometric analysis of DNA content for the samples displayed in (a). c Wild type and pph3Δ strains were synchronized as described in (a) and released in YPD in the presence or the absence of caffeine (10 mg/ml) for the indicated times. Proteins of interest were detected as in (a)

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