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Table 1 List of S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

From: Replication stress-induced Exo1 phosphorylation is mediated by Rad53/Pph3 and Exo1 nuclear localization is controlled by 14-3-3 proteins

Strain Genotype Origin
W303-1A MATa leu2-3,112 trp1-1 can1-100 ura3-1 ade2-1 his3-11,15 [phi+] [46]
YCN51 MATa EXO1-Myc::KANMX4::exo1 This study
CY2034 MATa rad53-K227A::KANMX4 [21]
CY5469 MATa rad53-K227A::KANMX4 exo1Δ::HIS3 [21]
YCN68 MATa EXO1-Myc::KANMX4::exo1 dun1Δ::URA3 This study
YCN117 MATa EXO1-Myc::KANMX4::exo1 pph3Δ::URA3 This study
YCN57 MATa glc7-E101Q::KANMX4 EXO1-Myc::NAT1::exo1 This study
YKE2 MATa bmh2Δ::NAT1 bmh1Δ::HIS3::bmh1-280::LEU2 [30]
YKE8 MATa bmh2Δ::NAT1 bmh1Δ::HIS3::bmh1-280::LEU2 exo1::URA3 rad53-K227A::KANMX4 [30]
YKE37 MATa exo1Δ::KANMX6 [30]
YCN44 MATa EXO1-GFP::KITRP1-1::exo1 This study
YCN45 MATa bmh2Δ::NAT1 bmh1Δ::HIS3::bmh1-280::LEU2 EXO1-GFP::KITRP1-1::exo1 This study
YCN46 MATa rad53-K227A::KANMX4 EXO1-GFP::KITRP1-1::exo1 This study
YCN47 MATa rad53-K227A::KANMX4 bmh2Δ::NAT1 bmh1Δ::HIS3::bmh1-280::LEU2 EXO1-GFP::KITRP1-1::exo1 This study
YSF169 MATa EXO1-GFP::KITRP1-1::exo1 pph3Δ::URA3 This study