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Fig. 5

From: A novel resveratrol derivative induces mitotic arrest, centrosome fragmentation and cancer cell death by inhibiting γ-tubulin

Fig. 5

Centrosome fragmentation by 3,4,4′-TMS occurs during the early stages of mitosis. a HCT116 cells were treated for 2 h with 0.25 μM nocodazole or co-treated with nocodazole and 40 μM 3,4,4′-TMS. b HCT116 cells were treated for 2 h with 100 μM monastrol or co-treated with monastrol and 40 μM 3,4,4′-TMS. In both cases cells were then immunostained with anti-α- and anti-γ-tubulin antibodies and DNA was counterstained by DAPI staining. The tables below report the percentage of cells with MT and centrosome alterations for the different treatments. Values are the mean ± SE of 2 independent experiments. c HCT116 cells were treated for 2 h with 80 μM 3,4,4′-TMS and then immunostained with anti-α- tubulin, pericentrin or centrin antibodies. The arrows point to centrin signals. Scale bar, 10 μm

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