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Fig. 9 | Cell Division

Fig. 9

From: M2I-1 disrupts the in vivo interaction between CDC20 and MAD2 and increases the sensitivities of cancer cell lines to anti-mitotic drugs via MCL-1s

Fig. 9

Ectopically expressed mGFP-MCL-1s sensitizes the MCF-7 cells to M2I-1 in the presence of nocodazole. a Western blot results showing the expression levels of PARP-1F (full length) and its cleaved fragment PARP-1C, MCL-1, MCL-1s and the exogenous GFP-MCL-1s. GAPDH was used as the loading control. b The quantification of the cleaved PARP-1C under the experimental condition used in a. Data was quantified from three independent experiments after being normalised with the loading control. Paired t test. P value: * < 0.014

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