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Fig. 2

From: Septin and Ras regulate cytokinetic abscission in detached cells

Fig. 2

LT and active Ras induce different morphologies in the detached cells. M-cells were isolated and cultured in suspension for live-cell imaging. Bright field micrographs from representative time-lapse movies of single a BJ and BJ-LT cells, and c BJ-LT-Ras cell show the progression of cytokinesis at the indicated time points. a In the upper panel, the BJ cell shows a bi-lobular feature throughout the 25-h period. In the lower panel, the BJ-LT cell was initially bi-lobular and became tetra-lobular after 25 h as marked by the white arrows, due to progression of the cell cycle without completing cytokinesis. b Mean% ± SD of the number of cells having two or more nuclei after 25 h. c The BJ-LT-Ras fibroblast may have completed abscission after 1.5 h as indicated by the apparently continuous membrane between the two daughter cells, but they remain associated since they cannot migrate apart in suspension

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