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Fig. 5

From: Septin and Ras regulate cytokinetic abscission in detached cells

Fig. 5

Regression of the ICB occurs in a small number of detached cells. M-cells were isolated and cultured in suspension for different time periods before re-plating on fibronectin-coated coverslips. a Representative fluorescence images showing the distribution of septin-7 (green) and α-tubulin (red) in BJ and BJ-LT after re-plating on fibronectin-coated surface for 6 h with a pre-incubation for 24 h in suspension. Note that tetra-lobular BJ-LT cells formed after 24 h in suspension (shown in Fig. 2) divided into four cells by cytofission after 6 h on fibronectin. b Mean% ± SD of the number of BJ cells that were separated from each other after incubation for 24 or 42 h in suspension followed by 6 h on fibronectin

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