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Fig. 6

From: Septin and Ras regulate cytokinetic abscission in detached cells

Fig. 6

Bi-nucleated BJ cells are halted in the cell cycle while BJ-LT become tetraploid. M-cells were isolated and exposed to 0.5 µM CytD for 1 h as described under adhesion bi-nucleation model (Additional file 1: Figure S1), and then followed by live-cell imaging. a Bright field micrographs from time-lapse movie illustrating a single BJ mitotic cell failing in cytokinesis due to furrow regression induced by CytD. The formed bi-nucleated cells did not progress to the next mitosis as seen by the absence of mitotic cell-rounding. b Representative phase contrast and fluorescence micrographs from time-lapse movie of a single BJ-LT mitotic cell after CytD-induced cytokinesis failure. The bi-nucleated cells progressed to the next mitosis as seen by cell-rounding and formation of metaphase plate (at 19 h), followed by cytokinesis (20 h) and abscission (23 h). DNA was stained by SiR-DNA (red). The white arrow marks the midbody. c Mean% ± SD% of cells that proceeded to mitosis 2, remained binucleated, or died

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