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Table 6 Twelve lncRNAs and their cis-regulated target genes

From: Microarray expression profile of mRNAs and long noncoding RNAs and the potential role of PFK-1 in infantile hemangioma

LncRNA ID Database source LncRNA feature Target gene Gene feature Correlation
n335635 NONCODE Down RAB4A Down 0.979936
n407869 NONCODE Down TATDN1 Down 0.976091
n409356 NONCODE Down DNAJC19 Down 0.984042
n341598 NONCODE Down FBXO32 Down 0.983656
n342783 NONCODE Down ACAT1 Down 0.991786
n408151 NONCODE Down CFL2 Down 0.994730
n341264 NONCODE Down CACNA2D1 Down 0.974870
n334130 NONCODE Down DMD Down 0.977736
n341432 NONCODE Up COL4A2 Up 0.999611
n333543 NONCODE Up MYH9 Up 0.995991
n334063 NONCODE Up PDGFRB Up 0.985527
n334214 NONCODE Up THY1 Up 0.993982