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Archived Comments for: The cyclin D1b splice variant: an old oncogene learns new tricks

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  1. Typographical error in reference to estrogen receptor alpha

    karen knudsen, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    16 October 2006

    A comment from the author:

    There is an unfortunate typographical error in the final text, wherein a “B” was placed after “ER”.

    On page 2, the statement about estrogen-mediated regulation of the cyclin D1 locus should read: “……recent analyses revealed that the ability of estrogen to induce cyclin D1 in breast cancer cells can be executed through an enhancer region downstream of the cyclin D1 coding region, and involves recruitment of ER to that locus..”.

    Our apologies to the readers, as there is no intended connection of this statement to ER-beta.

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