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Table 1 Phenotype of abp1, cbh1, and cbh2 deletion strains

From: The CENP-B homolog, Abp1, interacts with the initiation protein Cdc23 (MCM10) and is required for efficient DNA replication in fission yeast

S. pombe strain Growth Phenotype
Wild type ++++ Wild type
Δabp1 ++ Wild type
Δcbh1 +++ Wild type
Δcbh2 +++ Wild type
Δcbh1Δcbh2 ++ Slightly elongated
Δabp1Δcbh2 + Slightly elongated
Δabp1Δcbh1 - Highly elongated/branched, multisepta
Δabp1Δcbh1Δcbh2 - Highly elongated/branched, multisepta
  1. Note: ++++ = normal growth rate; +++ = slightly slow growth; ++ = slow growth rate; + = very slow growth rate; - = inviable, no growth