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Figure 1 | Cell Division

Figure 1

From: Yeast UBL-UBA proteins have partially redundant functions in cell cycle control

Figure 1

Deletion of DDI1 , DSK2 and RAD23 has a synthetic effect on cell cycle progression at high temperatures. (A) Cells were grown to mid-log phase in liquid YEPD at 30°C then shifted to 37°C for 0, 4 and 6 hrs. Cell cycle distribution was determined by bud morphology: cells in G1 are unbudded (yellow), S-phase cells with small buds (blue) and G2/M cells with large buds (red). Large buds (dumbbells) are defined as cells where the bud is as big as the mother cell. In parallel, samples were taken for FACScan analysis of DNA content (lower panel).

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