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Figure 1 | Cell Division

Figure 1

From: How eggs arrest at metaphase II: MPF stabilisation plus APC/C inhibition equals Cytostatic Factor

Figure 1

The events of female meiosis. (A) Only one pair of homologous chromosomes is shown. After S-phase two cell divisions are required to produce a haploid gamete. During MI, homologous chromosomes segregate between the egg and the first polar body. On MI completion, eggs arrest their cell cycle at MetII. MetII exit is blocked through CSF activity, until sperm break the arrest. Eggs complete MII and in so doing segregate sister chromatids and extrude a second polar body. (B) MPF activity oscillates in time with entry to, and exit from metaphase. (C) At MetII eggs arrest their cell cycle with high levels of CSF activity.

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