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Table 2 Analysis of gonad morphology

From: Genetic analysis of the spindle checkpoint genes san-1, mdf-2, bub-3 and the CENP-F homologues hcp-1 and hcp-2 in Caenorhabditis elegans

Genotype Abnormal Gonad (%) No.
Wild-type 0.0 25
bub-3(RNAi) 0.0 25
hcp-1(RNAi) 0.0 33
mdf-2(RNAi) 37.8 37
san-1(ok1580) 10.3 29
san-1(ok1580);bub-3(RNAi) 84.8 33
san-1(ok1580);hcp-1(RNAi) 100.0 9
san-1(ok1580);mdf-2(RNAi) 94.4 36
  1. Animals were assayed using DIC microscopy and scored for abnormal gonad development, which included the absence of oocytes, abnormal gonad morphology, and abnormal cell structure in the mitotic or meiotic region of the gonad. The total number of animals analyzed (No.).