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Figure 3

From: Senescent mouse cells fail to overtly regulate the HIRA histone chaperone and do not form robust Senescence Associated Heterochromatin Foci

Figure 3

HIRA is not recruited to PML bodies in senescent MEFs. (a) Localization of HIRA in control and H-RasG12V transduced IMR90 cells or MEFs was analyzed by immunofluorescence. (b) Expression of HIRA in IMR90 cells and MEFs was verified by western blotting. Actin serves as loading control. (c) Immunoprecipitation-western analysis showing the interaction between HIRA and ASF1a in MEFs. (d) Localization of HIRA and PML in wild type and generation 5 TERC-/-, WRN-/- skin fibroblasts was analyzed by immunofluorescence

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