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Table 1 Fission yeast F-box proteins

From: Coupling histone homeostasis to centromere integrity via the ubiquitin-proteasome system

    homologue SCF/  
F-box protein motifs recognition protein yeast human *non-SCF References
Pop1 WD40 Cig2, Cdc18, Rum1 Cdc4 Fbw7 SCF [30, 34, 46]
Pop2 WD40 Cig2, Cdc18, Rum1 Cdc4 Fbw7 SCF [30, 34, 46]
Pof1 WD40 Zip1 Met30 βTrCP SCF [47]
Pof2 LRR   Grr1 ? SCF [25]
Pof3 LRR, TPR Mcl1, Ams2 Dia2 ? SCF [25, 28, 48]
Pof4 none   Ela1 ElonginA SCF [25]
Pof5 none   YDR360c ? SCF [25]
Pof6 CAAX   Rcy1 ? non-SCF [49, 50]
Pof7 none   Hrt3 ? SCF [25]
Pof8 none   Ufo1 ? non-SCF [25, 51]
Pof9 none   YBR280c ? SCF [51]
Pof10 WD40   YML088w ? SCF [52]
Pof11 WD40   ? βTrCP SCF [51]?
Pof12 none   ? ? non-SCF [25, 51]
Pof13 none   ? ? non-SCF [25, 51]
Pof14 none Erg9 ? ? SCF [26]
Fbh1 DNA helicase Atf1 ? Fbh1 SCF [5358]
SPAPB1A10.14 none   ? ? SCF [51]
  1. *Assignment of some F-box proteins (Pof6, Pof8, Pof12 and Pof13) as 'non-SCF' is based upon the fact that these F-box proteins, albeit binding Skp1, do not have the conserved proline residue within the F-box motif that is critical for direct interaction between F-box and Cullin-1 [59]. In fact, binding experiments showed this is the case [51]. The only exception is Pof9, which does not contain the proline residue, but it acts as a component of SCF.