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Figure 5 | Cell Division

Figure 5

From: Regulated degradation of the APC coactivator Cdc20

Figure 5

Inducible Cdc20 is degraded by both Cdh1 dependent and independent mechanisms. A Methionine was added at time 0 to cycling CDH1 and cdh1 strains, with MET3pr-HA-CDC20 (methionine repressible) replacing endogenous CDC20, to shutoff CDC20 transcription. After two hours, these cells were released into methionine-free medium, inducing CDC20 transcription. Samples were taken every ten minutes thereafter (R10, R20, etc). HA-Cdc20 was immunoblotted against, with Pgk1 serving as a loading control. B DNA content of the strains in (A) was assessed by FACS. C Quantification of immunoblots in (A).

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