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Table 3 Functions associated with the top four group of genes (Figures 3, 4 ) whose expression was affected by treatment with guieranone A in CCRF-CEM cancer cell lines

From: Cytotoxicity, anti-angiogenic, apoptotic effects and transcript profiling of a naturally occurring naphthyl butenone, guieranone A

ID (Network) Score Focus molecules Top functions* List of all molecules involved
1 50 28 Molecular transport, Protein trafficking, Cellular assembly and organization ACP1, ATP1A1, DDX21, DDX3X, DOK2, ERK1/2, GC-GCR dimer, GNL3, Histone h3, Histone h4, HNRNPH1, HNRNPK, Importin alpha, Importin beta, KPNA2, KPNB1, LARP1, LYAR, NCL, NDRG1, NUP62, NUP153, RANBP1, Rnr, RRP1B, RRS1, SLBP, THOC4, TNFRSF8, TNPO1, TPX2, TSC22D3, TSR1, WDR12, YBX1
2 50 28 Drug metabolism, endocrine System development and function, lipid metabolism ACTB, Actin, ACTL6A, Akt, alcohol group acceptor phosphotransferase, CS, FASN, HMGA1, HNRNPL, HSP90AB1, IARS, IKK (complex), IPO4, KEAP1, Lamin b, MAP3K8, MCM3, MCM4, MORF4L2, MYCN, ORC6L, PDCD6IP, PSMD6, PTGES3 (includes EG:10728), RNF4, RPL6, RPL7A (includes EG:6130), RPS24 (includes EG:6229), RUVBL1, SGK1, SLC38A2, SMC3, Thyroid hormone receptor, TIP60, TUBB
3 47 27 Cell death, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, cellular function and maintenance 14-3-3, ACAT2, AHCY, APIP, ARF3, CD3, CD52, CTPS, FAM83D, FOSB, FOXO3, GADD45B, HBP1, HNRNPAB, HSPA6, IL10RB, Immunoglobulin, KIF23, LMNB1, Mapk, Mek, MVP, PDGF BB, Pld, PPHLN1, PPP1R15A, PRDX3, PRKCB, RBCK1, RGS2, TCR, UTP14A, VIM, YWHAE, YWHAG
4 45 26 Cell cycle, cancer, gastrointestinal disease ADAR, APC, CCNA2, CDK1, CDKN3, CHEK1, CNOT7, Cyclin A, DHFR, E2f, FBXO5, FEN1, H2AFY, ID2, IFI16, KIAA0101, MAD2L1, MAP2K1/2, methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase, methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (NADP), Mre11, MTHFD1, MTHFD2, MTHFD1L, NBN, NUSAP1, PI3K (complex), PRIM1, Rb, RFC4, TFDP1, TINF2, TYMS, WEE1, XRCC5
  1. *List of all function in Supplementary Material S8. The score is the rounded negative base-ten logarithm of a p-value that measures the likelihood of genes in the network or functional cluster occuring by chance. A score of 50 means that a cetrain network or cluster has the approximately likelihood of 10-50 of occuring by random chance.