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Table 3 Ploidy of micronucleus injected bovine embryos

From: Replication of somatic micronuclei in bovine enucleated oocytes

Treatment N Spreads Embryos
Less than 15 chromosomes (%) Euploid (%) Others (%)
Micronucleus- injected 11 18 11 (100)a 0a 0a
Parthenogenetic 20 52 0b 9 (45)b 11 (55)b
IVF 20 49 0b 15 (75)b 3 (15)a
  1. Micronucleus- injected (embryos generated from enucleated oocytes injected with one micronucleus and parthenogenetically activated), Parthenogenetic (parthenogenetically activated oocytes), IVF (embryos generated by in vitro fertilization). %: percentages over total embryos. Euploid: haploid + diploid. Others: tetraploid + mixoploid + aneuploid.
  2. a,b:Values with different superscripts in the same column significantly differ (p≤0.05).