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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: APC/C-Cdh1-dependent anaphase and telophase progression during mitotic slippage

Name (Alias) Description (Source)
pSCU134 (p416GAL1) GAL1 URA3 CEN [64]
pSCU145 (pRS414) TRP1 CEN [65]
pSCU563 (pLacOx256-LEU2) lacOx256 LEU2 integrative [26]
pSCU564 (pGFP12-LacI12-NLS) CUP1pro-GFP12-LacI12-NLS HIS3 integrative [26]
pSCU683 (ptetR-GFP) NLS-tetR-GFP LEU2 integrative [66]
pSCU710 (ptetO2x112) tetO2x112 URA3 integrative [66]
pSCU740 (pNOP1-GFP) NOP1-HA3GFP URA3 CEN (this study)
pSCU784 (pPDS1-HA3) PDS1-HA3 URA3 integrative [31]
pSCU802 (pGAL1-CDC14) GAL-CDC14-His6 URA3 CEN [67]
pSCU816 (pGAL-SCC1-RRDD) GAL-SCC1-R180D/R268D-HA3 LEU2 integrative [40]
pSCU896 (pGAL1-BFA1) GAL1-BFA1 URA3 CEN [69]
pSCU973 (pMAD2-GFP) MAD2-GFP URA3 CEN [70]
pSCU985 (YIp22-MET3-CDC20) MET3-CDC20 TRP1 integrative (F. Uhlmann)
pSCU1212 (p416GAL1-pds1-db) GAL1-PDS1 with mutated D-box URA3 CEN (this study)
pSCU1214 (p416GAL1-pds1-dkb) GAL1-PDS1 with mutated D/KEN-box URA3 CEN (this study)
pSCU1550 (pGAL1-MAD2) GAL1-MAD2-His6HAZZ 2 μ URA3 [71]
pSCU1575 (pGAL1-CDH1) GAL1-CDH1-TAP 2 μ TRP1 (this study)
pSCU1576 (pGAL1-CDC14) GAL1-CDC14-His6HAZZ 2 μ TRP1 (this study)
pSCU1701 (pMTW1-RFP) MTW1-DsRed.T4 CEN LEU2 (this study)