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Figure 1

From: lemmingA encodes the Apc11 subunit of the APC/C in Drosophila melanogaster that forms a ternary complex with the E2-C type ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, Vihar and Morula/Apc2

Figure 1

Loss of lmg leads to elevated apoptosis in larval brain and imaginal discs. Orcein-stained preparations of wild-type (A) and lmg138 (D) larval brain squashes. lmg mutants show small, rounded cells with uneven nuclear staining. Acridine Orange staining also highlights the high incidence of dying cells in lmgJ023 mutant wing imaginal disc (E) and lmg138 larval brain (F) relative to wild-type tissues (B and C). Green dots indicate apoptosis. The lmg138 null mutant (F) has reduced brain and optic lobes compared to wild-type (C).

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