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Figure 6 | Cell Division

Figure 6

From: A pool of peptides extracted from wheat bud chromatin inhibits tumor cell growth by causing defective DNA synthesis

Figure 6

Flow cytometry analysis of the cells treated with the peptide pool. a: Percentage of cells in G1 (black), S (white) and G2 (grey) phases after 12 hours of peptide treatment (T) and after 24 hours of recovery (36-hour time point) in fresh medium (T rec.). C and C rec. represent the corresponding controls. The experiment shown is representative of three independent experiments. b: percentage of cells expressing CDK1cyclinB complex following 12 hours of treatment and 24 hours of recovery (36-hour time point) in normal medium. Control cell (black), treated cells (grey). Error bars show the standard deviation obtained from three independent experiments. Student’s test. *p < 0.05 **p < 0.01.

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