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Figure 12 | Cell Division

Figure 12

From: A 2D/3D image analysis system to track fluorescently labeled structures in rod-shaped cells: application to measure spindle pole asymmetry during mitosis

Figure 12

Kymographs. Upper left: kymograph representing the movement of the particles with respect to the cell. The dotted red line corresponds to the blue line in the lower left figure, which represents the line going through the center of the rod shape. Hence, this kymograph shows the migration of the proteins compared to the cell center line. Upper right: kymograph showing the movement of the proteins with respect to each other. As indicated by the scheme in the lower left part of the figure, the distances between the proteins and the center line (red dotted) are always equal. It serves to highlight differences in fluorescence. lower left: scheme explaining the different kinds of kymographs.

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