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Table 4 Variability of the manual evaluation of spot intensity estimation

From: A 2D/3D image analysis system to track fluorescently labeled structures in rod-shaped cells: application to measure spindle pole asymmetry during mitosis

  Original image Background
   subtracted image
mean intervariability 36.4 23.71
maximum intervariability 37.98 28.28
std intervariability 1.54 3.23
mean intravariability 0.84 0.28
maximum intravariability 1.03 0.47
std intravariability 0.16 0.13
variability RodCellJ 0.0 -
std RodCellJ 0.0 -
  1. “original image” refers to the images in Figure 11 (bottom), whereas “background subtracted image” refers to the same images but with subtracted background. The results for interobserver variability are shown in bold font and for the intraobserver variability in italic respectively. Because of the nature of our algorithm, RodCellJ produces zero variability, hence guaranteeing reproducible results.