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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Mutually dependent degradation of Ama1p and Cdc20p terminates APC/C ubiquitin ligase activity at the completion of meiotic development in yeast

Strain Genotype Source
RSY335 MAT a /MATα cyh2 r -z ho::LYS2 leu2::hisG lys2 trp1::hisG ura3 [63]
RSY562 ama1::KANMX4 [10]
RSY750 AMA1-3HA CDC20-18MYC::URA3 This study
RSY776 MAT a cdh1::LEU2 This study
RSY777 cdh1::LEU2 This study
RSY809 cdc20-1 [32]
RSY954 cdc16-1 This study
RSY1248 MAT a CDC16::TAP mnd2::KANMX4 This study
RSY1337 MATα ade2 ade6 can1-100 his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3-1 CDC27-9myc::LEU2 This study
RSY1381 MAT a CDC16::TAP::KAN/CDC16 mnd2::KANMX4 cdh1::LEU2 This study
RSY1748 MAT a CDC16::TAP/CDC16 mnd2::KANMX4 cdh1::LEU2 doc1:: TRP1 This study
KCY328 CDC27-9myc::LEU2 This study
KCY419 MATα mnd2::KANMX4 This study
KCY456 MAT a CDC16::TAP This study
  1. *All strains, except RSY1337 are isogenic to RSY335. All strains are diploids and all alleles are homozygous unless indicated.