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Table 2 Key DNA damage repair proteins known to be substrates and interacting partners of PRMTs

From: Protein arginine methylation: an emerging regulator of the cell cycle

Protein Interacting PRMT Known methylated residues Result of methylation or PRMT interaction Refs.
DNA polymerase β PRMT1 R137 Regulates binding to proliferating cell nuclear antigen [142]
PRMT6 R83, R152 Enhances DNA binding affinity of DNA polymerase β and enhances repair ability [144]
FEN1 Unknown R192 Enhances localization to DNA repair sites and binding to PCNA [145]
hnRNPUL1 PRMT1 R584, 5618, R620, R645, R656 Regulates interaction with NBS1 and recruitment to DNA damage site [137]
MRE11 PRMT1 Regulation of DNA exonuclease activity [138, 139]
p53BP1 PRMT1 R1400, R1401, R1403 Enhanced localisation to DNA damage sites [140]
Rad9 PRMT5 R172, R174, R175 Regulation of checkpoint activation [143]