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Fig. 1

From: p27kip1 at the crossroad between actin and microtubule dynamics

Fig. 1

p27Kip1 regulates cytoskeleton dynamics. The main findings regarding the interaction of p27 with proteins that impact on cytoskeleton dynamics are depicted. On the left, p27Kip1 impacts on the microtubule cytoskeleton. p27 inhibits migration and invasion of neoplastic cells via stathmin [10], guarantees a proper extension of neurites [8], axonal transport velocity in neurons [12] and regulates cytokinesis limiting PRC1 activity [13]. On the right, p27Kip1 impacts on the actin cytoskeleton. The fusion protein TAT-p27 stimulates migration in hepatocellular carcinoma cells and correlates with Rac1 activity [5, 6]; p27 inhibits RhoA activity, determining actomyosin stabilization [7] and neuronal nucleokinesis [8]. p27-NLS variant, which accumulates into the cytoplasm, results in increased motility in MCF7 breast cancer cells [15]; p27 binds citron-kinase impinging on the downstream activation of RhoA, thereby regulating cytokinesis [9]

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