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Fig. 2 | Cell Division

Fig. 2

From: Nucleoporin Nup58 localizes to centrosomes and mid-bodies during mitosis

Fig. 2

Localization of Nup58 on the centrosome and its interaction with centrosome protein during cell division. a, b Deconvoluted confocal images of HeLa cells at different stages in the cell cycle. Green, anti-Nup58; red, anti-γ-tubulin (a) or anti-SAS-6 (b); blue, chromatin (DAPI). Scale bars, 5 µm. c, d Immunoprecipitation of HeLa cell extracts with nonspecific rabbit antibodies (IgG) or anti-Nup58, as analyzed by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting with antibodies against Nup58, Nup62, γ-tubulin, SAS-6, ninein, and Tpr during mitosis (c) and interphase (d)

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