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Fig. 3

From: Curcumin and tumor immune-editing: resurrecting the immune system

Fig. 3

Curcumin enhances anti-tumor immunity: Curcumin can boost anti-tumor immunity through different mechanisms. These include: increased population of CD8+, andCD4+ T cells, along with increase in Th1 cytokines like IFNγ, which mediate tumor cell apoptosis. Curcumin can block Treg cell development, thereby decreasing immunosuppressive cytokines like IL10 and TGFβ. Curcumin also reduces tumor-induced T cell apoptosis. All these processes help to nullify the overall immunosppressive environment created by tumor and lead to tumor regression. Thus curcumin has the ability to shift the balance in favor of the immune system and reinstate immune system-mediated elimination of tumors

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