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  1. Ral family is a member of Ras-like GTPase superfamily, which includes RalA and RalB. RalA/B play important roles in many cell biological functions, including cytoskeleton dynamics, cell division, membrane tran...

    Authors: Ming-Hong Sun, Lin-Lin Hu, Chao-Ying Zhao, Xiang Lu, Yan-Ping Ren, Jun-Li Wang, Xiang-Shun Cui and Shao-Chen Sun
    Citation: Cell Division 2021 16:3
  2. Cancer cell aggregation is a key process involved in the formation of tumor cell clusters. It has recently been shown that clusters of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) have an increased metastatic potential comp...

    Authors: Julia Bonnet, Lise Rigal, Odile Mondesert, Renaud Morin, Gaëlle Corsaut, Mathieu Vigneau, Bernard Ducommun and Valérie Lobjois
    Citation: Cell Division 2021 16:2
  3. Infantile hemangioma (IH) is the most common benign tumor in children. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) play a critical role in tumorigenesis. However, the expression levels and biological functions of lncRNAs in...

    Authors: Kaiying Yang, Xuepeng Zhang, Linwen Chen, Siyuan Chen and Yi Ji
    Citation: Cell Division 2021 16:1
  4. Reprogramming somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) has opened new therapeutic possibilities. However, karyotypic abnormalities detected in iPSCs compromised their utility, especially chromos...

    Authors: Xinyu Liu, Conghui Li, Kang Zheng, Xiaofeng Zhao, Xiaofeng Xu, Aifen Yang, Min Yi, Huaping Tao, Binghua Xie, Mengsheng Qiu and Junlin Yang
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:12
  5. XMU-MP-1 is an inhibitor of the Hippo pathway kinases MST1/2 and has been shown to promote the downstream activation of the pro-proliferative, pro-regenerative and anti-apoptotic transcriptional regulator YAP1...

    Authors: Ellen Mitchell, Charlotte E. L. Mellor and Talveen S. Purba
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:11
  6. The evolutionarily conserved Cdc25 phosphatase is an essential protein that removes inhibitory phosphorylation moieties on the mitotic regulator Cdc2. Together with the Wee1 kinase, a negative regulator of Cdc...

    Authors: John P. Alao and Per Sunnerhagen
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:10
  7. The enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a histone methyltransferase and induces the trimethylation of histone H3 lysine 27 (H3K27me3) in the promoter of many key genes; EZH2 acts as a transcriptional repress...

    Authors: Si-qi Chen, Jia-qi Li, Xiao-qiao Wang, Wen-jing Lei, Hao Li, Jiao Wan, Zheng Hu, Yao-wei Zou, Xiao-yu Wu and Hong-xin Niu
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:8
  8. Apoptosis plays pivotal roles in organ development and tissue homeostasis, with its major function to remove unhealthy cells that may compromise the fitness of the organism. Toll signaling, with the ancient ev...

    Authors: Zhuojie Li, Chenxi Wu, Xiang Ding, Wenzhe Li and Lei Xue
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:7
  9. Microtubule organization is essential for bipolar spindle assembly and chromosome segregation, which contribute to genome stability. Kinesin-5 Eg5 is known to be a crucial regulator in centrosome separation an...

    Authors: Zhen-Yu She, Ning Zhong, Kai-Wei Yu, Yu Xiao, Ya-Lan Wei, Yang Lin, Yue-Ling Li and Ming-Hui Lu
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:6
  10. Recurrence of Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) seems to be the rule despite combination therapies. Cell invasion and cell proliferation are major reasons for recurrence of GBM. And insulin-like growth factor bind...

    Authors: Chengyuan Dong, Junwen Zhang, Sheng Fang and Fusheng Liu
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:4
  11. The senescence of nucleus pulposus (NP) cells plays a vital role in the pathogenesis of intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration (IDD). NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4)-associated oxidative stress has been shown to induce...

    Authors: Chang Liu, Libangxi Liu, Minghui Yang, Bin Li, Jiarong Yi, Xuezheng Ai, Yang Zhang, Bo Huang, Changqing Li, Chencheng Feng and Yue Zhou
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:2
  12. Metazoan animals are characterized by restricted phenotypic heterogeneity (i.e. morphological disparity) of organisms within various species, a feature that contrasts sharply with intra-species morphological d...

    Authors: Saba Rezaei-Lotfi and Ramin M. Farahani
    Citation: Cell Division 2020 15:1
  13. Cell cycle regulation is a complex system consisting of growth-promoting and growth-restricting mechanisms, whose coordinated activity is vital for proper division and propagation. Alterations in this regulati...

    Authors: Ruth Viner-Breuer, Atilgan Yilmaz, Nissim Benvenisty and Michal Goldberg
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:15
  14. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and tumor growth factor-β (TGFβ) have emerged as pivotal regulators during the progression of osteosarcoma (OS). LHX9 is one crucial transcription factor controlled by FGF, howev...

    Authors: Shuang-Qing Li, Chao Tu, Lu Wan, Rui-Qi Chen, Zhi-Xi Duan, Xiao-Lei Ren and Zhi-Hong Li
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:13
  15. ‘Dormancy’, in the context of carcinogenesis, is a biological phenomenon of decreased cancer cell proliferation and metabolism. In view of their ability to remain quiescent, cancer cells are able to avoid cell...

    Authors: Tatiana G. Ruksha
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:11
  16. The authors note a correction to the article [1]. Figure 1d of the original article has an error. The pcDNA3/Ctrl and the pcDNA3-TAp73a/DMSO wells are duplicated. This article presents the corrected version of...

    Authors: Alicja Sznarkowska, Anna Kostecka, Anna Kawiak, Pilar Acedo, Mattia Lion, Alberto Inga and Joanna Zawacka‑Pankau
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:10

    The original article was published in Cell Division 2018 13:10

  17. A previous screen of a human kinase and phosphatase shRNA library to select genes that mediate arsenite induction of spindle abnormalities resulted in the identification of phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate 4-k...

    Authors: Tz-Chi Lin, Hsiao-Hui Kuo, Yi-Chen Wu, Tiffany S. Pan and Ling-Huei Yih
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:9
  18. Integrin-mediated adhesion is normally required for cytokinetic abscission, and failure in the process can generate potentially oncogenic tetraploid cells. Here, detachment-induced formation of oncogenic tetra...

    Authors: Deepesh Kumar Gupta, Siamak A. Kamranvar, Jian Du, Liangwen Liu and Staffan Johansson
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:8
  19. Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) act as nano-turnstiles within nuclear membranes between the cytoplasm and nucleus of mammalian cells. NPC proteins, called nucleoporins (Nups), mediate trafficking of proteins and...

    Authors: Hartono, Masaharu Hazawa, Kee Siang Lim, Firli R. P. Dewi, Akiko Kobayashi and Richard W. Wong
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:7
  20. To investigate the role of P16 (INK4a)-extracellular signal related kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2) signaling pathway in cisplatin (DDP) resistance induced by multidrug resistance protein 1 (MDR1), also known as P-glycopr...

    Authors: Yun Xiao, Mei-rong Liang, Cheng-cheng Liu, Ya-nan Wang, Yang Zeng, Jun Zhou, Hui-ting Zhu, Qin Wang, Yang Zou and Si-yuan Zeng
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:6
  21. Drugs such as taxanes, epothilones, and vinca alkaloids are widely used in the treatment of breast, ovarian, and lung cancers but come with major side effects such as neuropathy and loss of neutrophils and as ...

    Authors: Jianquan Li, Nanmao Dang, Nuria Martinez-Lopez, Paul A. Jowsey, Dong Huang, Robert N. Lightowlers, Fei Gao and Jun-Yong Huang
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:5
  22. Resveratrol and its natural stilbene-containing derivatives have been extensively investigated as potential chemotherapeutic agents. The synthetic manipulation of the stilbene scaffold has led to the generatio...

    Authors: Gianandrea Traversi, David Sasah Staid, Mario Fiore, Zulema Percario, Daniela Trisciuoglio, Roberto Antonioletti, Veronica Morea, Francesca Degrassi and Renata Cozzi
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:3
  23. The p27kip1 protein, mainly known as a negative regulator of cell proliferation, has also been involved in the control of other cellular processes, including the regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics. Notably, thes...

    Authors: Gian Luca Rampioni Vinciguerra, Francesca Citron, Ilenia Segatto, Barbara Belletti, Andrea Vecchione and Gustavo Baldassarre
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:2
  24. Mechanisms controlling DNA resection at sites of damage and affecting genome stability have been the subject of deep investigation, though their complexity is not yet fully understood. Specifically, the regula...

    Authors: Nagaraja Chappidi, Giuseppe De Gregorio and Stefano Ferrari
    Citation: Cell Division 2019 14:1
  25. The p73 protein is a tumor suppressor that shares structural and functional similarity with p53. p73 is expressed in two major isoforms; the TA isoform that interacts with p53 pathway, thus acting as tumor sup...

    Authors: Alicja Sznarkowska, Anna Kostecka, Anna Kawiak, Pilar Acedo, Mattia Lion, Alberto Inga and Joanna Zawacka-Pankau
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:10

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cell Division 2019 14:10

  26. During oocyte meiosis, the cytoskeleton dynamics, especially spindle organization, are critical for chromosome congression and segregation. However, the roles of the kinesin superfamily in this process are sti...

    Authors: Feng Tang, Meng-Hao Pan, Xiang Wan, Yujie Lu, Yu Zhang and Shao-Chen Sun
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:9
  27. Membrane-associated progesterone receptors are restricted to the endoplasmic reticulum and are shown to regulate the activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes which are involved in steroidogenesis or drug detoxifica...

    Authors: Ramona Jühlen, Dana Landgraf, Angela Huebner and Katrin Koehler
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:8
  28. Aurora kinases are serine/threonine kinases essential for the onset and progression of mitosis. Aurora members share a similar protein structure and kinase activity, but exhibit distinct cellular and subcellul...

    Authors: Estelle Willems, Matthias Dedobbeleer, Marina Digregorio, Arnaud Lombard, Paul Noel Lumapat and Bernard Rogister
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:7
  29. Live-cell fluorescence microscopy (LCFM) is a powerful tool used to investigate cellular dynamics in real time. However, the capacity to simultaneously measure DNA content in cells being tracked over time rema...

    Authors: Cecil J. Gomes, Michael W. Harman, Sara M. Centuori, Charles W. Wolgemuth and Jesse D. Martinez
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:6
  30. Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH), the rate-limiting enzyme in de novo GTP biosynthesis, plays an important role in cell metabolism and proliferation. It has been demonstrated that IMPDH can aggregat...

    Authors: Gerson Dierley Keppeke, Chia Chun Chang, Min Peng, Li-Yu Chen, Wei-Cheng Lin, Li-Mei Pai, Luis Eduardo Coelho Andrade, Li-Ying Sung and Ji-Long Liu
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:5
  31. Kinesin superfamily proteins are microtubule-based molecular motors essential for the intracellular transport of various cargos, including organelles, proteins, and RNAs. However, their exact roles during mamm...

    Authors: Yan Xie, Minghui Cheng, Shan Lu, Qilong Yuan, Dongyu Yang, Ying Chen, Chen Pan, Yurong Qiu and Bo Xiong
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:4
  32. Just like all matter, proteins can also switch between gas, liquid and solid phases. Protein phase transition has claimed the spotlight in recent years as a novel way of how cells compartmentalize and regulate...

    Authors: Steven Boeynaems, Peter Tompa and Ludo Van Den Bosch
    Citation: Cell Division 2018 13:1
  33. Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) are key regulators of both cell cycle progression and transcription. Since dysregulation of CDKs is a frequently occurring event driving tumorigenesis, CDKs have been tested ext...

    Authors: Hana Paculová and Jiří Kohoutek
    Citation: Cell Division 2017 12:7
  34. The G1-S phase transition is critical to maintaining proliferative control and preventing carcinogenesis. The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor is a key regulator of this step in the cell cycle.

    Authors: Michael J. Thwaites, Matthew J. Cecchini, Srikanth Talluri, Daniel T. Passos, Jasmyne Carnevale and Frederick A. Dick
    Citation: Cell Division 2017 12:3
  35. Genetic screens have identified many novel components of various biological processes, such as components required for cell cycle and cell division. While forward genetic screens typically generate unstructure...

    Authors: Maximilian Billmann and Michael Boutros
    Citation: Cell Division 2017 12:2
  36. Correct chromosome segregation depends on the sister chromatid cohesion complex. The essential, evolutionarily conserved regulatory protein Irr1/Scc3, is responsible for the complex loading onto DNA and for it...

    Authors: Piotr Kowalec, Jan Fronk and Anna Kurlandzka
    Citation: Cell Division 2017 12:1
  37. Recent experiments regarding Ndc80/Hec1 in force generation at kinetochores for chromosome motions have prompted speculation about possible models for interactions between positively charged molecules at kinet...

    Authors: L. John Gagliardi and Daniel H. Shain
    Citation: Cell Division 2016 11:14

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Cell Division 2017 12:4

  38. The Notch signaling pathway is a reiteratively used cell to cell communication pathway that triggers pleiotropic effects. The correct regulation of the pathway permits the efficient regulation of genes involve...

    Authors: Humberto Contreras-Cornejo, Germán Saucedo-Correa, Javier Oviedo-Boyso, Juan José Valdez-Alarcón, Víctor Manuel Baizabal-Aguirre, Marcos Cajero-Juárez and Alejandro Bravo-Patiño
    Citation: Cell Division 2016 11:12
  39. Tumor response to immunotherapy is the consequence of a concerted crosstalk between cytokines and effector cells. Interferon gamma (IFNγ) is one of the common cytokines coordinating tumor immune response and t...

    Authors: Siraj M. El Jamal, Erin B. Taylor, Zakaria Y. Abd Elmageed, Abdulhadi A. Alamodi, Denis Selimovic, Abdulaziz Alkhateeb, Matthias Hannig, Sofie Y. Hassan, Simeon Santourlidis, Paul L. Friedlander, Youssef Haikel, Srinivasan Vijaykumar, Emad Kandil and Mohamed Hassan
    Citation: Cell Division 2016 11:11

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